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Marianne Surmann

We came upon Jenna Rogerson and Skyland Stables 8 years ago now.   In the years she has coached my daughter Lucia, she has made revolutionary changes in her riding but more over her confidence. Jenna cares about people.  She pulls strengths, both physical and emotional, from within her students and makes the magic happen from the inside.  Her straightforward and no nonsense method makes the impossible seem possible.  She has a gift for simplicity that is extremely effective on horse and rider. She helps riders shed their inhibitions and excuses that we create - often unknowingly. By removing these inhibitions, Jenna allows her students to see and realise their potential, and their horse’s potential. When Lucia began riding with Jenna both she and her horse Cora were green. Lucia had never competed on the A circuit and Cora had only been backed for a year. They started in the Beginner Children’s 2’6” hunters and finished the season a couple years later with consistent placings in the Junior Hunters at 3’6”. She also competed in the equitation classes and crossed over to the jumper ring for a season. Most recently Lucia competed in the 3’ Younger Adult Hunters finishing 7th Overall for the season and qualifying for the Royal Winter Fair which fulfilled a big dream for our family. 


Jenna understands that the care and well-being of our horse Cora is paramount.  Each horse at Skyland Stables is treated with unparalleled care.  Because of that our horse enjoys the beautiful life she deserves.  


Although, Jenna and her team at Skyland Stables has lead my daughter and her horse Cora to tri colour ribbons countless times – the reward has been the relationship we’ve created as a team.   Skyland Stables and Coach Jenna Rogerson has been the best thing that has happened to my daughter.

Testimonials : Marianne Surmann

Melodie Zarzeczny

"As an older adult (novice) rider, I was pretty nervous about changing barns.  But after just a few months with Jenna, I am really, really happy.  The barn is a friendly, supportive place regardless whether you show on the circuit, or just ride for fun.  Jenna and Skyland offer me everything I am looking for – fantastic care for the horses, focused lessons tailored to your ability and your confidence level, and attention to safety of horses and riders.  Jenna’s lessons are fun, and always well planned.  I am learning so much – I look forward to every trip to the barn. "- Melodie Zarzeczny 

Testimonials : Melodie Zarzeczny

Charlotte Henderson

"I have had the opportunity to work closely with Jenna Rogerson of Skyland Stables and I cannot express what an incredible opportunity it has been. Jenna is not your average stable owner, she makes sure that the horses and boarders are of the up most priority at all times. The amount of time and energy that Jenna puts into coaching and training her students and horses shows in the successes she has been able to achieve every year. You will not find another barn that puts the care of you and your horses over everything else, even if it is 1am in the morning lol.I have worked with Jenna first hand, and have learned so much over the past year and a half. The passion and professionalism Jenna exudes is something you don’t come across very often in this industry and is inspiring.  

The barn is full of extremely friendly and hilarious girls who are nothing but supportive towards every rider whether they are new to riding or seasoned riders looking to join the competitive show team. This farm has not only become my second home, but the people there have also become great friends of mine. I would recommend Jenna and Skyland Stables to anyone who is looking for a facility that not only focuses on the health and wellbeing of each horse and rider; but one that strives to meet your individual goals."

-Charlotte Henderson 

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Testimonials : Charlotte Henderson

Alexandra Henry

I first started riding with Jenna when I was 14. Most of my riding career at that point had been competing in the hunters with a couple years of eventing. I started training with Jenna when I really wanted to start focusing on competing in the jumpers. It was the best decision I ever made! Jenna has a natural way of instilling confidence in young riders and their equine partners. She works with everyone involved (riders, horses, owners, parents, etc.) to create realistic, achievable goals that bring out the very best in the partnership between horse and rider. In the three and a half years I as with Jenna I went from being a kid, a bit unsure about the world of jumpers, showing in the 1.0m to a young rider with the techniques and confidence to get successful results in the 1.20m jumpers. Not only did I learn more about myself and my horse than ever before, feel confidence in my ability as a rider and consistently had top results, but I gained a life long friend as well! -Alexandra Henry

Testimonials : Alexandra Henry

Rachel Henderson

"My 10 year old daughter has only been riding at Skyland Stables for 6 months but the improvement I have seen in her riding is simply amazing.  Jenna is a wonderful teacher.  She has patience and is able to clearly explain concepts in a way a child can understand.  Her lessons are fun, safe and are tailored to build strong, confident riders.  I highly recommend Skyland Stables to any parent that is looking for a program that will allow their child to flourish."-Rachel Henderson 

Testimonials : Rachel Henderson
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