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We have built a custom new facility that provides our clients with everything they could ever want or need! 

Our facility offers;

* Large indoor arena with Custom Fiber Footing which is dust free and provides support and traction for the horses. The arena is lined with 4’ pine kick boards. 

*100x200 outdoor sand ring 

*180x80 Grass Ring 

* 3 acre Derby Field 

* TWO new 9 stall barns 

* Large heated tack room 

* Wash stall with hot and cold water and heaters so it can be used all year

* Ventilation systems in both barns for air quality control 

* Both barns are insulated and stay above 12 degrees in the winter months 

* Ceiling fans 

* State of the art lighting in the aisles and stalls 

* Emergency lighting in all buildings including the arena 

* Large windows in every stall 

* Rubber matted stalls

* Custom 58” doorways to each stall to accommodate all sizes of horses safely 

* Custom double grill doors for better ventilation 

* Water BUCKETS in each stall, scrubbed daily. 

* Large grass paddocks 

* Individual small rehab paddocks 

* Lots of groomed hacking trails on the property 

Facilities : What Skyland Offers

Indoor Arena

Our large indoor arena offers kick boards all around for horse and rider safety. We also have dust free fiber footing that ensures the best shock absorption and traction for high performance horses.

Facilities : Indoor Arena


Skyland offers thousands of feet of oak board fencing surround acres of grass paddocks . This allows a safe and enjoyable space for horses to enjoy the outdoors. Our paddocks are all seeded annually and carefully managed so that your horse is provided with the best turnout possible. We also have small rehabilitation paddocks for those horses who cannot have access to rich grass or are recovering from an injury. We love turnout and believe it’s essential to having horses that are happy. However, we do not turnout when conditions are icy, slippery or muddy. Alternative forms of exercise are arranged during those limited turnout times. 

Facilities : Paddocks

Sand Ring 

Our newly built 100x200 sand ring offers excellent footing and a large grass area surrounding it.

Facilities : Sand Ring

Our beautiful grass ring is built with a sandy loam soil, so it’s never hard or slippery. It’s a fantastic opportunity to get out and enjoy a stress free ride anytime of day! 
We are also in the process of constructing derby style fences to allow our horses and riders to prepare for special classes throughout the season. 

Facilities : Grass Ring and Derby Field

Tack Room

All of our clients have access to storage for their saddles, bridles and equipment in our large tack room. We also have a microwave, refreshments table, water cooler and fridge available at all times. 
You will often find fresh made snacks, lemonade or occasionally a chilled glass of Chardonnay (Adults only of course!) waiting for you after your ride! 

Facilities : Tack Room
Facilities : Hacking


All of our stalls are constructed out of Ash with custom steel doors that are extra wide. The stall sizes vary from 10x11 to 16x12, the majority are 12x12. The grill door allows for more ventilation and for us to be able to see into the stall at all times. They are bedded deeply on wood shavings and mucked twice a day. 

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Facilities : Stalls
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