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Competitive Development Program

 This program is for Intermediate to advanced riders who know they want to take their riding to the next level. At Skyland we realize it is difficult for keen riders and parents to know what the “next step” is after you have been in a riding school for awhile.
Our primary mission is to bring a new level of riding, training and horse care to the Barrie and surrounding area. All of our staff are highly skilled in providing the best care possible for our equine friends. Our trainers are very experienced and have been leading our show team to Championship titles for over a decade. Annually all of our students finish in the top ten of their OHJA Ontario divisions. 

Is competing at the Royal Winter Fair on your bucket list ? We can certainly help you achieve that.  Many of our clients who are serious about their riding also qualify for and compete at the prestigious Royal Winter Fair each fall. 

Our Competitive Development Program is different than a typical recreational riding school experience. It is meant to be a 2-3 month stepping stone to making the transition to becoming a more serious competitive rider. We have carefully selected our horses and ponies for this task and have very limited availability. Here is some information on how the program works;

First an assessment lesson is booked to allow you to come and meet our trainers and view the facility. It also allows us a chance to assess your current skill level. This is an hour generally from start to finish , and it is $85 plus HST. 

After the assessment, we will discuss with you about where your level is at and approximately how long it will take you to be ready for competitions.
If you decide to join our program a minimum of two weekly private lessons are scheduled on our horses. This usually lasts 1-2 months.  At this point you will be ready to lease or purchase your own horse. We will assist you in finding a horse that is carefully selected for your level, riding style, goals and budget.

Our CDL package is $795 plus HST per month for two lessons per week and are billed on a monthly basis. 24 hours notice is required to cancel or reschedule a lesson. Without proper notice credit is not provided. Make up lessons must be taken within 30 days of cancellation. 

We facilitate the trials and viewings of carefully selected horses that suit all of your riding goals and will match you with your dream horse or pony! 

Our goal is to provide you with the best riding experience possible in our area. You may think you have a long way to go before you are ready to compete, but with our proven program you will be pleasantly surprised with how quickly you progress and how much you learn each week. 

If joining a fun, supportive stable focussed on success at a National level sounds like something that interests you then let us know what your availability is like and we will do our best to set up an assessment as quickly as possible. 

**Please note that we do not offer lessons once per week**

Competitive Programs: Information On Our Competitive Development Program
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